Based in Redmond, Oregon, Stratos Aircraft is a new aerospace company dedicated to the design, certification, manufacture, marketing and maintenance of the Stratos 714. Stratos Aircraft is singularly focused on building an aircraft for one specific performance quadrant of the turbine market. The management team behind the Stratos 714 consists of successful entrepreneurs, financial planners, and experienced engineers. As the project evolve the company will continue to engage industry experts through every phase of design, manufacturing, and certification.

The management team

Michael Lemaire:

President & CEO, is an experienced and highly successful entrepreneur founding and managing companies in a variety of technical areas.

Carsten Sundin:

A CTO with more than a decade of engineering leadership experience (as principal designer/engineering manager) with successful General Aviation companies.

Kevin Jordan:

A CSO with decades of experience in buying and selling business jets, and managing award-winning FBOs. Kevin, a licensed ATP, also has logged over 8,000 hours and has four jet type ratings.

Dr. Gordon Robinson:

Chief Aerodynamicist with extensive experience ranging from an Airbus research project to design of general aviation aircraft from 2-seat pistons to 9-seat turbofans.

Other Positions: Key positions for structures and manufacturing filled by experienced industry experts.

Richard Abbott:

Richard Abbott, Structures manager with 2 decades of experience in aircraft structures design including very lights jets and numerous composite aircraft.

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