Comparing aircraft is not simple! There is little consistency from one manufacturer’s brochure to the next. It is no surprise that manufacturers seek to present their own performance in the best possible light and that the particular light chosen is unlikely to show the best side of their competitors. In their attempts to make the best comparison, some manufacturers list Range Map with IFR reserves and some with VFR reserves. Some list performance with two people on board at economic cruise speeds, and some with full payload at maximum cruise speeds. There is no agreement on a “Standard” person: Some manufacturers quote their range with passengers weighing 170 lbs, with baggage… Similarly, mentioning fuel burn without referring to speed can lead to confusion as lowering the speed reduces the fuel burn.

In presenting the Stratos 714 performance data, it is endeavored to avoid such temptations and to present the performance data in as unbiased a fashion as possible. The nearest to an accepted common standard for direct comparison of aircraft performance data is that used in the Purchase Planning Handbook issued every year by Business and Commercial Aviation Magazine. This sets a common format for presenting data and a common set of missions to be used in performing comparisons.

B & CA Specifications
Manufaturer Model Stratos Aircraft Inc Stratos 714
Equipped Price To be announced
Characteristics Seating4
Wing Loading 38.4 lb/ft2 1.84 kpa
Thrust Loading2.41 lb/lbf 0.25 kg/N
DimensionsExternalLength 35.8 ft10.9m
Height 9.8 ft3.0m
Span 40.5 ft12.3m
InternalLength 9.5 ft290cm
Height 4.8 ft146cm
Width 4.7 ft143cm
Engine Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5
Output/flat rating 2,900 lbf/ISA+6°C 12.9 kn/ISA+6°C
Inspection Interval4,000 hrs
Weights Max.ramp7,244 lbs 3,286 kg
Max.takeoff7,213 lbs 3,273 kg
Max.landing6,852 lbs 3,108 kg fuel5,247 lbs 2,380 kg
EOW4,367 lbs 1,981 kg
Max.payload880 lbs 399 kg
Useful load2,846 lbs 1,291 kg
Executive payload600 lbs 272 kg
Max. fuel2,605 lbs 1,182 kg
Available payload with max. fuel240 lbs 109 kg
Available fuel with max. payload1,966 lbs 892 kg
Available fuel with executive payload2,246 lbs 1,019 kg
Limits MMO0.7
Trans alt/VMO FL285/260 kts 8.69 km/481 km/h
Max. cabin differential10.0 psi 69 kpa
Airport Take off o ft elevation @15°C1,973 ft601 m
Performance VSO 63 kts 116 km/h
V2 @SL ISA MTOW 107 kts 199 km/h
VREF Pax NBAA IFR Res. 73 kts 134 km/h
Landing distance w/pilot + 3 Pax+ NBAA IFR Res.1,996 ft608 m
 ClimbTime to altitude17 mins to FL 370
Initial gradient1,324 ft/nm 218 m/km
  Ceilings Certified41,000 ft 12,500 m
Max. sea-level cabin28,400 ft 8,650 m
CruiseLong rangeTAS 295 kts 547 km/h
Fuel flow274 lb/hour 124 kg/h
AltitudeFL 410 12,500 m
Specific range1.076 nm/lb 4.39 km/kg
 High SpeedTAS 415 kts 769 km/h
Fuel flow694 lbs/hour 315 kg/hr
AltitudeFL 285 8,690 m
Specific range0.598 nm/lb 2.44 km/kg
Max payload with available fuel: (100 nm alternate) Range1,320 nm 2,444 km
A single pilot of (200 lb) Average speed 371 kts 688 km/h
(inc.baggage) is included in the EOW. Trip fuel1,508 lb 684 kg
This pilot is not included in the max payload. AltitudeFL 410 12,500m
Specific range0.875 nm/lb 3.57 km/kg
Max.fuel with available payload: Range1,975 nm 3,657 km
Average speed 381 kts 705 km/h
Trip fuel2,121 lb 962 kg
(100 nm alternate) AltitudeFL 410 12,500m
Specific range0.930 nm/lb 3.79 km/kg
Four occupants with available fuel: Range1,602 nm 2,966 km/h
Average speed 376 kts 700 km/h
Trip fuel1,807 lb 820 kg
AltitudeFL 410 12,500m
(100 nm alternate)Ferry: Specific range0.902 nm/lb 3.68 km/kg
Range2,086 nm 3,863 km
(2 occupants) Average speed 289 kts 535 km/h
Trip fuel2,045 lb 927 kg
(100 nm alternate) AltitudeFL 410 12,500m
Specific range1.020 nm/lb 4.16 km/kg
Missions300 nm:Runway1,608 ft490 m
(4 occupants) Flight time58 mins
Fuel used427 lb 193 kg
(100 nm alternate) AltitudeFL 410 12,500m
Specific range0.703 nm/lb 2.87 km/kg
600 nm:Runway1,693 ft516 m
Flight time1hr 44 mins
Fuel used738 lb 335 kg
AltitudeFL 410 12,500m
Specific range0.813 nm/lb 3.31 km/kg
1,000 nm:Runway1,805 ft550 m
Flight time 2 hrs 44 mins
Fuel used1,152 lb 522 kg
AltitudeFL 410 12,500m
Specific range0.868 nm/lb 3.54 km/kg
1,500 nm:Runway1,944 ft593 m
Flight time 4 hrs 0 mins
Fuel used1,670 lb 758 kg
AltitudeFL 410 12,500m
Specific range0.898 nm/lb 3.66 km/kg