Stratos 714 specifications
Type of CertificationFAR 23,Single pilot, VFR day/night, IFR, Known icing conditions
PropulsionPratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5
Takeoff Thrust2,900 lbs12.9 Kn
External Dimensions 
Height9.8 ft3.0 m
Wing Span40.5 ft12.3 m
Length35.8 ft10.9 m
Cabin Dimensions 
Cabin Height (max)4.8 ft146 cm
Cabin Width (max)4.7 ft143 cm
Cabin Length9.5 ft290 cm
Volume160 cu ft4.5 m3
Take off to 50 ft, MTOW,1,970 ft600 m
Sea level, ISA Std day 
Landing from 50 ft, MLW,2,240 ft683 m
Sea level, ISA Std day 
Stall Speed63 Knots117 Km/h
Max Cruise (at 30,000 ft / 9144 m)415 KTAS769 Km/h
Time to Climb to FL 37017 min.
Service Ceiling41,000 ft12,500 m
Range with 4 Occupants (NBAA IFR1,500 nm,2779 Km,
Range w/100 nm alternate)402 KTAS744 Km/h
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