An Analysis of the 714

The following sections will describe the 714 in all of it’s minute glory – from cabin size and comparisons with other aircraft, to performance and operating cost.

External Dimensions

Manufacturer/ModelSeatingWing Span Length Height 
Single Engine Turboprops
Socata TBM 850641.6'12.734.9'10.614.3'4.4
Single engine jets
Stratos 714440.5'12.335.8'10.99.5'3.0
Cirrus Vison538.5'11.730.0'9.110.0'3.0
Diamond D-JET 537.5'11.435.1'10.711.6'3.5
Piper Aircraft PiperJet 744.6'13.633.8'10.316.5'5.0
Twin engine jets
Cessna Citation Mustang 643.2'13.240.6'12.413.4'4.1
Embraer Phenom 100 640.2'12.342.1'12.814.2'4.3
Eclipse EA500 637.9'11.633.5'10.211.0'3.4

Performance / Value

Manufacturer/ModelTakeoff Landing Range NBAA IFR High Speed Cost
W /max payloadCruise
Single Engine Turboprops
Piper Aircraft Meridian 2438743NANA5791072257476$1.92M
Socata TBM 850 2840866NANA11502130320593$2.91M
Single engine jets
Stratos 7141970600199661015002778415769$2.00M
Cirrus VisonNANANANA6001111300556$1.25M
Diamond D-JET 2500762NANA6001111315583$1.43M
Piper Aircraft PiperJet NANANANA13002408360667$2.2M
Twin engine jets
Cessna Citation Mustang 311094821266487251343339628$2.77M
Embraer Phenom 100 3125953247375311602148390722$3.29M
Eclipse EA500 23427142668813503932370685$2.15M

Central Engine Advantage

Thrust line vs. Center of Gravity

Thrust line co-linear with center of gravity: no pitch-power coupling.
Thrust lines offset from the center of gravity produces pitch-power coupling issues.

Tail Arm

By keeping the engine as far forward as possible the tail arm can be increased. A long tail arm is favorable for stability and thus improved handling qualities. See more in the Configuration Advantage section.

Operating Cost Comparison of the Stratos 714 versus: